Meet Ted

How important is your childs emotional well being at school?

A students emotional and social health directly impacts their ability to learn in the classroom. Ted helps students check-in with their teachers.

What is Ted?

Ted is a web and mobile app that students use to communicate with their teachers. Ted asks students a series of questions that assess thier emotional and social well being.

How does Ted help teachers?

Once a student uses Ted to checkin, Ted analyses the data and keeps the teacher informed of the students emotional wellbeing so they can tend to the student's individual needs.

@ Ted

Ted 10:45 am
Hi Sarah, how are you feeling?
Sarah 10:46 am
I'm feeling sad today.
Ted 10:47 am
Sarah, what happend to make you feel sad?
Sarah 10:47 am
Ted, I had an argument with my friend at recess...
Ted 10:48 am
Sarah, I'm sorry to hear that. What else do you want your teacher to know?
Sarah 10:48 am
I'm feeling sad and it's hard for me to pay attention.. I'd like to go to the councelor's office.
Ted 10:48 am
Ok, Sarah. I'll let the teacher know.